Brighton Beach
Backpackers asleep in London
Notting Hill Carnival
Canary Wharf
Canada Tower, Canary Wharf
Kew Gardens
Aftermath of London Bombings - Distraught Police Officer, (c) Bettina Strenske 2005
Dancers at London Pride Parade 2005
Bob Geldof, 2 July 2005
Evacuation of London Underground - (c) Bettina Strenske/Eyevine
What is peace? (c) Bettina Strenske 2005
Summer in London
Malcolm, 5, at a rally against the terror of the bombings in London
Mourning the dead of the London Bombings
Bangla Mela - Bangladeshi New Year 2005
London Panorama - as seen from Highgate
Africa Exhibition at the British Museum
Window Cleaner in Canary Wharf
ZapCat Racing
London Pride 2005